If you landed on this page you obviously have interest in the southern Oregon coast. 

In this age of technology there is a multitude of information available for your review some reliable and some not.  

If you would like to get personal prospective from a member of the community that has lived here since 1992 just give me a call. 

Call me old fashioned but that's not a bad thing. In this hectic world it's sometimes nice to have a one to one conversation, relax and focus not only on the words being said but the punctuation and vitality behind it...A true meeting of minds. How we say thing can be more important than just words. If you agree, I'm sure we will work well together. 

Actually, I feel so much more can be accomplished by this old fashioned form of real communication. 

I love where I live but it's not for everyone. If you would like straight forward answers without media hype, feel free to reach out to me.

The last thing in the world I want is to direct somebody here that does not understand who and what we are.

Do yourself a favor when looking for real estate. Find a location suitable to your lifestyle and needs first.

Only then should you start a home search. 

There are too many people that just go looking for a good deal... Unless you are an investor first, don't buy just a good deal. What is more important is to by into a lifestyle choice!

I am here to help you find the best value and negotiate the best possible offer making your transition as smooth as possible under existing circumstances. 

Please consider my assistance while making your important decisions.